Who Are We?

The information revolution and globalization has led 21st century industries to employ sophisticated technology to achieve maximum productivity, and PT SANSAINE EXINDO is ready to provide advanced and comprehensive solutions to support them.

Since its establishment in May 2004, PT SANSAINE EXINDO has dedicated Itself to become the leader In ICT provider that specializes In Next Generation Network solutions, with the belief that network has becoming the platform for all related technologies and the core of customer solution.

In 2005, PT SANSAINE EXINDO to work closely with one of the top telecommunication company in Indonesia, PT Telkom, leading large consortium and trusted to handle complex projects as a System Integrator and Outsourcing Contractor.

Armed with the successful track records, PT SANSAINE EXINDO grew to become a company with over 115 professional personnel and ready to provide more advanced technology systems and services for every Information Communications Technology (ICT) industries across Indonesia.

Our Vision

PT SANSAINE EXINDO aims to become the leading provider of ICT who specializes in providing New Generation and Cutting-Edge Technology solutions in Indonesia, oriented towards customer satisfaction.

PT SANSAINE EXINDO is commited to provide quality services that meet every customer’s satisfaction with the lowest costs and fast delivery, and also quick to adapt the ever-changing market needs. The company strives to give ICT end-to-end solutions by applying the latest state-of-the-art technology and offers the highest level of skill, knowledges and services.

Our Mission

Quality Policy

“Consistent in the final result to be achieved, which is in addition to maximum profit as well as customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal through professional and timely performance”

PT SANSAINE EXINDO refers to the quality policy and is implemented in all related units in accordance with the scope of implementation of the quality management system, including:
– Ensure punctuality in completing work.
– Provide quality assurance on the final result of the work.
– Improving the competence of human resources according to their field.
– Develop quality system documents according to business and technology developments.
– Support the achievement of Service Level Guarantee (SLG) to customers.

Quality Goals